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Good advice is never free, right? Wrong! Today is your lucky day, because one of Style Theory’s sensational Melbourne-based personal shoppers is feeling generous. She has decided to share her insider tips, picked up through years of experience as a stylist for women’s clothing.

No more wardrobe faux-pas. No more misguided attempts to copy your favourite celebrity style. Just year-round style that radiates your natural confidence and attracts all the right attention.

Here are the latest fashion tips for women, also known as “Your Secret Weapon”.


Don’t believe everything you see on Instagram!


Instagram superstars don’t always look so on-point, so don’t be disheartened when you can’t replicate their eyeshadow technique, or you feel like wearing track pants on a Sunday. Social media doesn’t show the whole picture and things are never as glamorous as they seem.

Of course, influencers have the advantage of receiving bundles of free clothes to their door every week. You can be sure you’re keeping on top of seasonal designer trends without splashing out, by renting your look and feeling Instagram-famous for the night.


Don’t be a slave to trends


Any fashion-savvy woman loves to stay up-to-date with exciting new women’s clothing trends, but only jump on board if something genuinely suits you. Ask yourself: do I feel comfortable and confident in this? Am I being true to myself?

If not, make a stand and skip that style.

So many of our customers ask us if there is a dressing guide according to body type. For us, it’s all about learning what you look good in. Stick to fabrics and shapes that emphasise your favourite features and use clothes to “fake it”. Belts can give the illusion of a smaller waist, ruffles add curves and showing your shoulders can balance proportions.


Mix op shop with designer


Why splash out on a $500 piece that you hardly get to wear? When you love high-end designers like Misha Collection and Alex Perry, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your chance to rock them at your next event.


Just remember; you’re never too good for op shops, and they are your opportunity to add your own stamp to any look! Stay true to your individuality and experiment with some fun pieces.


Try. On. Everything.


There’s no better way to find out if you can pull off those clashing prints or a cool jumpsuit. Consult a friend (or personal shopper) when you’re in a women’s clothing store, but also remember that you’re in control. If you love it, buy it!

This advice is particularly true for pieces like jeans and cocktail dresses. The key is that your outfit should look as though it was made just for you, so spend all the time you need admiring yourself in those dressing room mirrors!