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Seasonal Trends to Watch Out For in 2021

2021 trends have been largely dictated by the past year, the focus has moved from flashy shows to the craftsmanship and message of clothes. Designers have re-examined the purpose of clothes and what we really need from fashion. Some have pulled focus towards the joy and happiness that fashion brings to people, and others have brought back classic pieces that act as an extension of the past year's comfort-focused designs. 

No matter the feel you want to create from these trends, we at Style Theory have the pieces to match. All of our designer pieces from Rebecca Vallance, Alex Perry, Dion Lee and many more have been chosen by us with these trends in mind. Here we’ll be going over a few of our favourite season trends you can rent in our store this season. 

Sorbet Pastel Tones

This trend dominated the last year and is back again to continue those colourful and soft looks. You can wear one statement piece or more all layered together for that pastel buttery goodness. We’re seeing some soothing buttercup yellows, lovely lilacs, peony pinks, and subtle bluebells reappear. These beautiful colours of the garden are the inspiration for these pastel tones. It’s a great way to bring spring wherever you go. 

Voluminous Sleeves and Bold Shoulders

What started as a nod to the famous shoulder pads of the 80’s has taken off to a life of its own. We're seeing more dresses and tops with puffy, oversized shoulders, giving a little extra flare to our clothing. 

This cute and quirky trend is most likely thanks to the rapid obsession with cottage core a lot of people drew towards last year. Cottage core focuses on the idea of rural life, this means prairie dresses, maxi skirts, big collars, cardigans and all things pastel. Think a mix of pride and prejudice meets little women. 

Bubblegum Pinks

Bright Pinks are another colour that's been popping up in runways a lot lately. It’s a great bold colour, that can add an extra element or pop to any outfit. This shade of pink is also one that's flattering on all skin types, and an easy trend for anyone to adopt.  

Bubblegum pink is definitely the defining shade of the upcoming season; it’s already in full force in most fashion sets. This trend is a stark contrast to the neutral dominance we’ve seen over the past few seasons. Bubblegum pink has become a dose of fun in our wardrobes, that we should happily welcome. 

Florals and Petals

We’ve seen floral prints grace our wardrobes and runways for years. It’s become a flexible print loved and worn by many. This season we’re seeing a slight change in our standard floral and petal prints. Designers are bringing in sunny yellows, neon tulip dresses, and shades of pink so luminous you’ll need shades to look straight at them. 

Head Scarfs

Taking inspiration from the glamorous movie stars of the 50’s and 60’s, this fashion trend is coming back in a big way. One of the reasons scarfs have come back with such a bang is due to their flexibility. We’ve seen head scarfs as they are, as headbands, around the neck, tied to your handbag, used as bandeau tops and more. They’ve become a staple piece for any wardrobe to add a slice of colour or vintage moment to any outfit, without overdoing it. You can choose from a silky design with floral and intricate patterns or keep it simple with bold colours. Channelling your inner silver screen star has never been easier with this classic go-to item.

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