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Closet Clearing Made Easy

Don’t think of it as getting rid of clothes. You’re just making room for new ones!

First things first, your game plan. What do you want your wardrobe to look like when you’re done? Whether it’s capsule, seasonal, monochromatic, or colour coordinated. Know why you’re doing this in the first place.

It could simply be that you know it’s time to let go of those pieces you really never wear to make room for some new favourites or your next Rebecca Vallance rental.

If the thought of picking out the less loved pieces is too daunting to begin with, we’ve got a little trick to make life easier!

Grab all your hanging clothes off your racks and re hang them backwards. Over the next few weeks or months you’ll have done your sorting without even realising it! Anything you’ve reached for or regularly work will have been hung back up facing the right way. This means you can start out by sorting through all the clothes you didn't touch that are still hanging the wrong way round. 

However, if you’re diving straight in and tackling the task head on, then we recommend:

Soundtracking Your Success

The reality is this task is probably going to take a bit of time and a decent amount of effort. Do yourself a favour and pump your favourite feel good playlist to get yourself in the zone and keep things as productive as possible!


Take the plunge! Dump all your clothes out onto your bed. This means the only way forward is to just finish the task.

Divide & Conquer

Start splitting your clothes into categories. Group items by their type or season. This means you can tackle a pile at a time. This is also a great way to balance out your wardrobe. You’ll quickly see what you have way too much off and what type of items your wardrobe is lacking!

Cruel To Be Kind 

It can be hard not to be sentimental or nostalgic when it comes to your clothes. Try to step back and ensure you’re not keeping too many things that aren’t actually wearable. We like to stick to a one year rule. Ask yourself, ‘Have I worn this in the last year?” and go from there. If you snag on some truly sentimental pieces that are too rare to part with, fold them up and keep them safe in separate storage. Your wardrobe is prime real estate so keep it open for new trendy tenants!

Recycle, Rehome, Release!

Ok, you’ve done it. Your wardrobe is organised, de cluttered, and totally sparking joy. Now what about the clothes that didn’t make the cut?

Don’t just throw them away! We’re all so much wiser to the need for more sustainable practices in fashion these days. Head to your local op shop, look into reselling boutiques near you that will pay you a commission and look after re-selling your pieces, you can even have a quick little photo shoot and re sell them yourself through platforms like depop! Let your clothes live out their next life!